Fairie Wings Hemp Rolling Papers, 1st Edition, Hand Signed

Brand spanking new, Fairie Hemp Rolling Papers

1st Edition Linda Biggs Art, collect them all. Hand Signed, by Linda Biggs, Limited Edition. 990 per edition of each art image.


40 Hemp papers in each folio, these are the brand new brain child from my daughter Harlie. What a great idea. We are calling these Linda Biggs Fairie Wings, Fly Higher with the Fairies!

These are made for the National Cannabis Festival / and also available here on #etsy. We will add a note card or sticker, to make up for the higher cost of these new Rolling Papers. Production costs and shipping make for more expensive than if you are in your local head shop. Thanks for your support : )


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$5.95 per packet


Disclaimer- must be 18 to purchase Linda Biggs Rolling Papers, by purchasing you state you are over 18 years of age.


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