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Linda Biggs - The International Award Winning Rainbow Fantasy Artist

A Green Studio Since 1999


The Linda Biggs Art studio, is a green company reusing and recyling as much as possible. We recycle all ink cartridges, plastic and paper. Please do your personal part and adopt the re-use, restore philosophy.

I launched Fairie Forest Watercolors, in 1999. At that time, I was a mother of two young children, a business woman in sales, now creating my very own website to showcase my art. Once it was up and running like clockwork, I renamed it I had no idea of the journey, that I was about to embark on, “what a long strange trip it has been”. I would not have experienced this journey, without the early support from John Yeldezian. Thank you, John.


In the beginning of my professional art experience, creating was about painting sweet and pretty Fairy Pictures. As time went on, the paintings and my creations, were inspired by my real life lessons, happy, sad and sometimes even tragic experiences. With each new piece of art, regardless of the subject, my goal was to dig deeper, step out of my comfort zones, push the envelope and create a 2 dimensional fantasy world, based on my interpretation of reality. Kind of like, a "Faerie Dream" or "Nightmare" come true. John, was my husband of 26 years, and part of this, Rainbow Fantasy Art adventure. Many years of ups and downs, highs and lows, and a divorce later, we have never looked back. Our life is out there for the world to see and feel, uncensored. In someway, I hope this inspires you, good or not so good, and regardless of how we ended up, I am grateful for the experience. My rainbow fairy art, and our beautiful children, would not be here, otherwise.


In 2003, my work was selected, to be published in the book, "The Art of Faery" presented by David Riché with the forward by Brian Froud. This project had so many spectacular Fantasy Artists ( to name a few: Brian Froud, David Delamare and Linda Ravenscroft ) An experience, that was so awesome, one of the many highlights of my art career. We even, went to London, and had diner with David and Myrea, that made it “REAL”. Then, selected again for the second book in 2005, "The World of Faery" also presented by David Riche' with an illustrated forward by Alan Lee. The inclusion in these UK publications, was like a beautiful gift right out of my own personal Fairie Tale.


In 2005 & 2007, WJZ TV invited me to visit the TV station for a 7 minute interview with Don Scott and Marty Bass. Opening the morning news show with Fairies, what a surreal moment for everyone. Baltimore wasn’t really sure they were watching, "Coffee With, Fairies". Now, many years, many people, and many interviews later, I look back what a wonderful world wind it has been. My art has changed, my life has changed, and as a result of the challenges big and small, life continues to reshape my art world. (Now in Black & White, )


I am Native American, of the Cherokee Tribe. I am thankful, that I have had the opportunity to express my life and vision thru my art.


Thank you for your visiting my little place on the planet, I hope to inspire you.




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